Aspirations for the security of a sustainable future are not new. Countless expressions have come and gone, often without due appreciation by society at large. We shed light on these lost artefacts of sustainability with the hope that they may yet revive the hopeful outcomes that they inferred.

Artefacts.earth is not a wistful longing for a forgotten past, but a recollection of possible futures. From the wealth of overlooked and marginalized cultural artefacts that litter our past we see that opportunities for living more sustainable lives are routinely forsaken by progress.

The spark that ignites

If you share our curiosity about how we came to the current state of things, then follow us and perhaps discover new paths forward. We see sustainability as a tremendous opportunity space for personal and professional development. Let the artefacts spark new thinking – and acting – to fulfil your potential to create a truly sustainable world.

Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.

W. B. Yeats